Despotic nations in U.N. turn their attention to U.S.’s “human rights violations”

Originally posted by me elsewhere on 11/05/2010

The Bush administration boycotted the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) because it is dominated by a bloc of Islamic nations who’s overriding agenda has been to condemn Israel. However the Obama administration has reversed the U.S. position, and now the U.S. has come under the spotlight of the UNHRC for it’s alleged human rights violations, with Indonesia condemning our religious intolerance, Mexico condemning our racial profiling, Russia condemning our capital punishment, and Cuba and Iran urging us to close Guantanamo prison.

In addition, activist organizations within the U.S. had an opportunity to submit their own human rights grievances with the U.S. In the U.N. these activist groups are called Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) or more colloquially, “stakeholders”. It would appear that these NGO’s are attempting to advance the cause of global governance by getting the U.S. to sign off on U.N. conventions and treaties that do not respect the separation of powers between branches of government and between federal and state governments.

Among other complaints, the U.S. is being singled out for economic disparities that could only be addressed by redistributing wealth through taxes or other socialistic measures. Thirty seven percent of the complaints were submitted by the United States Human Rights Network (USHRN), an umbrella organization for 300 activist groups. George Soros’ Open Society Institute is among the philanthropies funding the USHRN.

To read more, check out this Fox News article.


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