Israelis send an undercover vulture to Saudi Arabia

Originally posted by me elsewhere on 01/04/2011

Okay, when I saw this headline, Vulture in Saudi Custody Suspected as Mossad Agent , I assumed that “vulture” was some sort of new slang term in the world of espionage, perhaps like a “mole.” But no, apparently some Saudis suspect that a carrion-eating bird was spying on them. I’m not sure which specific breed of vulture the authorities arrested, but here’s what an Egyptian vulture looks like:

So when I started reading the article I assumed that the bird must have been carrying a camera or some other device with which it could spy on Saudi Arabia. As it turns out the perp was carrying a GPS transmitting device. Using this nefarious device the Mossad may have uncovered the location of Saudi Arabia. You might be thinking that the Saudis must have done some tricky, investigative work to learn that the bird hailed from Israel. As it turns out the Israelis had tagged the bird with a leg band which said, “Tel Aviv University”. It’s just like those Israelis to broadcast their activities in order to keep them … secret… or something???. The Israeli cover story is that the GPS device is being used to see how high these birds fly and how far they travel. For instance, researchers at the university have learned that these birds wintered in the Sudan prior to traveling to Saudi Arabia.

The same news article noted that only a few weeks ago Egyptian officials voiced suspicions that a shark who was attacking people off the Sinai coast was also working on behalf of the Mossad. I have heard of “Islamaphobia” but it would seem that “Israiliphobia” — or perhaps just “Mossadaphobia” — is sweeping the Arab world.


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