Seattle has Superheroes???

Originally posted by me elsewhere on 01/05/2011

Over Christmas break my family finally got around to renting the film, Kick-Ass, about people with no special powers dressing up as superheroes and fighting crime. Imagine my surprise to learn that this is actually happening in Seattle. The band of costumed do-gooders belong to the “Rain City Superhero Movement”.

Seattle police have identified at least nine members of the movement which include:

  • Thorn
  • Buster Doe
  • Green Reaper
  • Gemini
  • No Name
  • Catastrophe
  • Thunder 88
  • Penelope, and
  • Phoenix Jones

Apparently there are a few other “free-lance” masked crusaders in addition to this group because the Rain City Superhero Movement has informed the local police that certain other individuals are not in their party.

Phoenix Jones appears to be the leader of the Rain City Superhero Movement, and he claims that everyone in his group has either had military or martial arts training. He himself goes around in a rubber suit with a bullet-proof vest and utility belt.

In the video below an ordinary citizen, Dan, describes how he walked out to the street where his car was parked and discovered that some thugs were trying to steal it. As he was about to dial 911, rubber-suited Phoenix Jones appeared on the scene and chased the bad guys off. The mysterious Phoenix Jones also agreed to be interviewed in the video.


So what do you think of Seattle’s would-be superheroes? I’m not so sure I like the idea of masked crusaders walking about the city. I figure it’s only a matter of time until masked super-villains appear on the scene.


published by the Daily Mail.


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