Stars of David torment Iranian Hardliners

Originally posted by me elsewhere on 11/29/2010

Star of David

Iranian hardliners are disturbed that the six-sided star known as the “Star of David” keeps popping up on their architectural structures. The Star of David is a symbol of Judaism, and it is situated in the center of the Israeli flag. A recently built monument in Iran’s Revolution Square is imprinted with hundreds of these stars interwoven in a floral motif.

Below is an image of the monument in Revolution Square as it appeared in the Iranian online paper, Seratnews. An artist has outlined one of the stars.

The website for Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty discusses the Seratnews article’s take on this decorative motif:

The website says it is unclear whether the transgression should be attributed to “ignorance” or “carelessness” on the part of the artist who designed the monument and of officials in charge — or whether it was done “intentionally.”

“Seratnews” adds that as a result a “sinister symbol” is standing in the “strategic heart” of the Iranian capital.

If that wasn’t enough, courtesy of Google Earth, many Iranians are now able to see the top of Tehran airport, and guess what? It also prominently features a Star of David.

According to Alarabiya News, prior to the Iranian Revolution, the Shah of Iran was on good terms with Israel. The Shah had hired Israeli engineers to build the airport structure seen above.

In Iran, the Star of David is referred to as that “Zionist Symbol”, and it is regarded as a bad thing.


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