There really are people who have “evil hand issues”

Originally posted by me elsewhere on 01/28/2011

Perhaps you saw the episode of the TV show, Angel, in which Lindsey explains that he has “evil hand issues”. It turns out that there are real people who suffer from something resembling Lindsey’s issues called “alien hand syndrome.” Wow. To read more about the real syndrome, check out this BBC article. The poor woman in the article had undergone surgery which sliced through the corpus collosum that normally connects the two hemispheres of the brain. As a result, one hemisphere was unable to exert any control or influence on the other. She ended up having two consciousnesses emerge following surgery, and one of them wasn’t so very nice. Fortunately after a long struggle doctors were able to get her on a medical regimen that ameliorated her condition.

On a much lighter note, those of you who have followed the Angel series and want to have a refresher on “evil hand issues” can do so by watching this clip:


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