Prof. at Northwestern Univ. approves live sex show for his students in after class “lecture”

Originally posted by me elsewhere on 3/3/2011

Psychology Prof. John Michael Bailey teaches a class in sexuality at Northwestern University. He apparently hired Ken Melvoin-Berg to give an after class lecture on bondage, discipline, sadism and masochism (BDSM). Although students were not required to attend the lecture, the university paid Melvoin-Berg between $300 and $500 to share his expertise. He apparently brought along a couple of members of the BDSM community, Faith Kroll and her sex partner, Jim Marcus. These guests watched a classroom video on female orgasm which Kroll believed to be excessively clinical. In order to provide the students with a more realistic portrayal of female orgasm, she offered to demonstrate her own orgasm to the class. By the way Kroll’s particular fetish is that she gets off on being the center of attention, so in effect the students would be participating in her arousal by watching their sex performance.

Professor Bailey apparently hesitated before granting his approval to Kroll’s offer, since he recognized that others might regard a live sex demonstration in a classroom as inappropriate. However after mulling the matter over, Bailey concluded that were he to withhold permission, he would be giving in to “sex negativity”. So the show commenced with his blessings. Kroll stripped naked and laid down on a towel while her partner penetrated her with a sex toy and proceeded to stimulate her until she orgasmed.

When asked later if he had any regrets, Professor Bailey replied “It is mostly too early to say.” You might be wondering what the university’s take is on all this. Alan K. Cubbage, vice president for University Relations, had this to say:

Northwestern University faculty members engage in teaching and research on a wide variety of topics, some of them controversial and at the leading edge of their respective disciplines. The University supports the efforts of its faculty to further the advancement of knowledge.

This seems to suggest that the administration regards a live sex show in the classroom as somehow cutting edge.

Obviously what occurred in this classroom flaunts the mores of the greater society. But having moral standards is so bourgeois. From this little glimpse into Professor Bailey’s mind, do you suppose that there is any sexual act which he would be unwilling to M.C. in his classroom? And given that the vice president of University Relations believes that this particular sex show is advancing knowledge, why would he be inhibited about the university hosting other sex shows?

Please, if you are an alumnus of Northwestern University, let the administration know how you feel about such demonstrations. Not being able to come up with any reason himself to forbid in-class sex, Professor Bailey is depending on you to set limits for him.

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