Remember when Hillary was talking about that 3 A.M. call?

Originally posted elsewhere on 3/17/2011


Here are some things Obama muses over in his dreams:

  • Half a year into the fiscal year, my administration is still operating without a budget. It’s all the Republicans fault! Except most of that time they were still the minority party.
  • Mubarak is our friend… No, wait! I declare that he is no longer the legitimate leader of Egypt!
  • Libya’s leader should step down… Now! And after he does, the international community should prosecute him and his sons to the fullest extent of the law! Or he could stay in office and throw a bunga-bunga party. Hmmm. Which course of action will he choose?
  • Our nation has a special destiny, just like Luxembourg. And we will play a pivotal role in world affairs, just like Luxembourg.
  • Buh-zillions of barrels of oil spewed into the ocean because of BP deep-water drilling disaster. And then it all disappeared by itself. Further I declare that scientists recommended a moratorium on deep-water drilling. Except they didn’t. When forced to lift the moratorium, my administration will continue to deny permits for shallow-water drilling.
  • Meanwhile my country will financially support the Brazilian off-shore drilling efforts… because, well, they are Brazilians, and they need fossil fuels!
  • And if Argentina wants to have another go around with the Brits over the Falklands, let me just say in advance that we will remain neutral… because I’m all about smart diplomacy.
  • My heart bleeds for the people of Japan and we will support them in any way that we can. Now let me unveil my basketball brackets and inspire you with my heart-warming talk about women’s history month.
  • I swear that my healthcare reform legislation will lower health care costs. They are getting so low that I’m going to issue over a 1000 healthcare reform waivers to reduce the non-existent financial burden of complying with the new legislation.
  • I love the smell of high gasoline prices in the morning. It’s the only way to force the rubes into choosing green alternatives.
  • The purpose of the second amendment was to make sure that soldiers in the service of this nation would be permitted to have guns. Otherwise Congress might have passed laws infringing on our troops’ rights to go into combat armed for battle… or something.
  • Have I mentioned my laser-like focus on job lately? I haven’t? I am focused like a laser on jobs, as you can see here.


Here is the original Hillary Clinton campaign ad making reference to that 3 A.M. phone call.


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