Obama describes a typical, domestic terrorist

Barack Obama, official photo portrait, 111th Congress

When asked by AP reporter Ramona Darlington to describe the profile of an American domestic terrorist, President Obama replied:

Typically domestic terrorists in the U.S. are people who cling to obsolete beliefs from the time of the American Revolution.

He made this statement at a business forum in Tanzania in which a businessman wondered whether civil unrest in the United States might affect trade between our two countries. Obama had more to say about our domestic terrorists, all of which was fascinating. In relation to this discussion of domestic terrorism, Obama also asserted:

The conservative era of the U.S. has ended.

I recommend that you read the entire report.

Update — July 6, 2013

According to an article at the examiner.com, this entire story is bogus. The AP claims that they do not employ a reporter by the name of Ramona Darlington. The account presented above is debunked here: Article claims Obama called Tea Partiers domestic terrorists while in Africa

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