Texas Governor’s re-election campaign successfully avoided newspaper endorsements

UPDATE: After his performance in the debates leading up to the GOP presidential nomination, I guess we now know why Perry avoided debates in his gubernatorial campaign.

Originally posted elsewhere 11/08/2011

I think we are seeing the tipping point between old media and new media.
The Daily Beast reports that Rick Perry’s campaign team asked attendees at a public forum how they would be influenced by newspaper endorsements of Perry’s candidacy. Thirty seven percent of the attendees said they would be less likely to vote for Perry if newspapers endorsed him. Six percent said they would be more likely to vote for him. The rest said a newspaper endorsement would have no influence on them. With that knowledge in mind, Perry refused to seek such endorsements and received none. He also skipped debates. Instead his campaign team focused on field operations, social media, and television. In addition, Perry embraced the Tea Party movement early on. What was the result of this unorthodox strategy? Perry was re-elected by a 13 point margin.