Strange whooping during Tuscon Memorial

Originally posted by me elsewhere on 1/13/2011

I only watched a small part of the Tuscon Memorial for the victims of “alleged” shooter, Jared Loughner. Why didn’t I watch the whole thing? The behavior of the audience seemed… well… unseemly. I couldn’t quite fathom their response to the shooting, or lack of decorum. There was much hooting and whooping. I see that Michelle Malkin has a snapshot of the University of Arizona’s press release about the event in which university officials expressed their hope that the memorial would “lift spirits”. They apparently succeeded… I guess. They were successful if you disregard the rally’s insensitivity toward those who had lost their loved ones during the shooting spree. And yes, I am calling it a “rally” rather than a “memorial” because of the audience’s behavior. Continue reading “Strange whooping during Tuscon Memorial”

“Use words that heal” is just liberal code-speak for “shut up”

LoughnerMugShot.jpgIn the aftermath of Jared Loughner’s Tucson shooting spree, Democratic spin masters almost immediately began to suggest that violent rhetoric from the right had pushed Loughner into committing the murders. And they did this while willfully contradicting their earlier stance with respect to the Fort Hood shootings of November 5, 2009.
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