Astroturf on Wall Street

Originally posted by me elsewhere on 10/08/2011; somewhat modified here

Nancy Pelosi famously said that the Tea Party Movement was not a genuine grassroots movement, but instead an “Astroturf movement” that was being funded by wealthy people to foil the Obama administration’s effort to end tax breaks for the rich. You can see her lay out her argument in this brief TV spot.


In contrast Pelosi has commended the Occupy Wall Street movement as being a genuine people’s movement. But watch the video below in which one of the facilitators of the Occupy Wall Street movement explains how community organizers (who are funded by radical organizations) plus Big Labor are shaping the Occupy Wall Street Movement, She also states that her personal goal for the “Occupy Wall Street” movement is to replace the capitalist system.


SEIU’s support for Harry Reid and their role servicing voting machines

Orginally posted elsewhere on 10/27/2010

It turns out that the voting machines in Clark County, Nevada are serviced by SEIU members. I don’t know how common this is throughout the nation, but since SEIU is the Service Employees International Union, a union which often represents government employees, I guess it’s not all that surprising that SEIU members would be servicing some of this nation’s voting machines. The problem is that SEIU is widely perceived as being a highly partisan organization. Continue reading “SEIU’s support for Harry Reid and their role servicing voting machines”